The Treasure You Are: Graphic Novel Teaching About Self-Love

The Treasure You Are is a graphic novel inspired children’s book teaching about self-love. 

This social and emotional book follows the main character Daisy, who struggles with comparing herself to her friends. Going into comparison only ends up making her feel like she isn’t good enough the way she is. After an enlightening encounter, she realizes the unique value of each individual, including herself. Her transformation is displayed as she goes from struggling with comparison to waking up to the beauty of who she really is and loving herself.  There also is a companion The Treasure You Are Self-Love Journal with affirmations, journal prompts and coloring pages.

Ashton Cantou

A Certified Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and Former Educator, she decided to combine her passion for education and her teachings around cultivating healthy self-esteem to serve youth through her book The Treasure You Are. Ashton has been able to serve thousands of people worldwide by helping them form lasting and positive changes in their life. She now hopes this book and the accompanying self-love journal will help lift up our youth by aiding in the development of positive self-esteem and in turn boosting mental wellness. 

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