The Moon with the Crooked Smile

A young boy engages his imagination as he looks through his window at night to see and talk to the moon. It's not just any moon; it is a moon with a crooked smile. As he talks to the moon, he learns about the relationship between the sun, the
moon, and the earth. They play a game of hide n' seek. His friend, Monisa sees the same smile on the moon, and they discuss being friends like the sun and moon. This is the first book in the series. Other books include: I Want to Catch the Clouds (Book 2), I Love Clouds (Book 3) and I Went to the Zoo to See Woo (Book 4).

Bobo Nikce

Bobo was born in Eastern Europe, living in Communist Yugoslavia in the Republic of Montenegro. He lived a very active and exciting life journeying to America and now traveling the world. One day his wife asked him to write about his memories, good and bad experiences, while living in Montenegro. She says he has lived a wonderful life and many have been mesmerized by his stories. He started writing his memoirs and got sidetracked. Suddenly he was pouring out children's stories, one after the other. He came to the USA at 20 years old. He learned to speak and read English but never really learned to write it. He writes his stories in a Serbian/Montenegrin shorthand, then his wife Linda types it in English as he dictates it to her. She cleans it up and works with illustrators to create the final piece. “Someday I will finish my memoirs called ‘My Name Is Bozidar,’ but until then, I am having fun writing books for children.

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