The Kohelth Lectures

About the only reason Winslow “Hanger” Strickland enrolled in and occasionally attended classes at Ridgeview College was so he could play on his intramural football team of which he was the quarterback. Then, the Ridgeview Campus newspaper, in a special edition, announced that Stephan Kahn Kohelth, one of the wealthiest, most respected, and powerful men in the nation had accepted the Wordsworth Lectureship invitation for the fall semester. This great event was not to be missed and Hanger was certainly not going to. There was only one problem for him. In order to attend the lectures certain qualifications had to be met, and…Hanger didn’t meet even one of them. But, as his friends and teammates, “The Table Boys” knew, “once a quarterback, always a quarterback.” Hanger was determined to hear the lectures which left him only one option, throw the “Hail Mary” and hope it connected.

Russ Wilkinson

An honor graduate from Texas Tech University, Russ majored in English and History. He was also co-captain of the university’s basketball team. After a successful career in business he began writing. He and his wife Kay, enjoy retirement and live near their children and grandchildren in Dallas, Texas.

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