The Gray Divorce Revolution

This is not like any other divorce book you have ever read. The Gray Divorce Revolution: Naked and Unafraid 7 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart is a must read for seniors going through divorce. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and help get you to the other side! Those experiencing “Gray Divorce” will learn and understand they are not alone, be encouraged to re-evaluate themselves, their relationships and their choices, and finally have the resources to help them not only survive but move joyfully into the next phase of life after a divorce. 

Section 1: Naked and Unafraid: Six True Stories of Loving, Lies, & Living

Section 2: Naked and Unafraid: Divorce, Relationships, & Love

Section 3: Naked and Unafraid: Starting Over, Creating Your Best Life, & 7 Steps to Heal A Broken Heart

Readers will use this book over and over as a Resource Guide for building their Thriving Best Life.

Tricia Scimone

A gray divorcee, podcaster, instructor, and speaker, at 64, Tricia changed her life by adding her name to the growing number of female gray divorcees initiating the process and successfully moving on to a new chapter in this thing called life! 

Divorced profoundly changed her life and she has a burning desire to help gray men and women go through it with as much knowledge as possible helping them find success in their new life faster than they ever dreamed possible. Watch out world! She is on a mission and not afraid to tell the stories everyone wants to hear but no one can deliver quite like she can. 

Tricia is originally from New York and now resides in Sarasota Florida where she continues to work in her long-time career as a Real Estate Broker meeting the needs of mature adults when selling, buying and relocating residential or investment properties as a certified SREC agent. 

She is an activist for men and women who cannot speak for themselves. Tricia has championed what matters with love, understanding, respect, and courage. 

She speaks about: The Gray Divorce Revolution and 7 Steps To Heal A Broken Heart. To book Tricia to speak please email 

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