So My Children Will Know

For Unbelievers and Adult Children Who have Drifted Away from Christianity 

Why Jesus? This book is written for unbelievers, or for your adult children who have turned their back on Christianity. When we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, it is so painful to watch our children suffer through bad choices, financial struggles, and heartbreaks. So My Children Will Know…. Is the author’s journey from a life of difficulties, living life “her way”, to a life of complete peace, happiness and success, living life “God’s Way”! Joyce explains God’s many promises available to all that can change a life today, right now! A book for anyone who doesn’t know Jesus. 

Joyce's second book Satan In My Head: Jesus In My Heart was written for her grandchildren and other youth who are faced with so many temptations today. It is also available at Amazon.

Joyce Wiles

She and husband, Charlie, have been together over 25 years. Her "children" include 3 married daughters, one stepson, and 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 9 to 23 years. Joyce has been a Christian most of her life and knew that when she left this world, she would see Heaven. What she didn't know...was that she could receive and live out God's promises today, now, everyday of her life. This is her story of hardship, bad choices and doing life "my way". This was her life for 30+ years.... until she realized that living life "God's way" could lead to total happiness and success! "What If" your life (or the life your your loved one) could be changed? "What If" you could have peace in your life? 

She is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but spends part of the year in Florida.

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