Too Much Razzle Dazzle

Spencer Wrinkles Series Book 1

Spencer Wrinkles loves sprinkles! And he loves to help his mom bake sprinkle cookies. But what started out to be a birthday surprise for Spencer's little brother turned into a disaster for Spencer at school, when he ignored his mom's instructions. Read "Too Much Razzle-Dazzle!" and find out what happens to the sprinkles -- and Spencer's class -- on that fateful day.  Book 2 The Quarantine Birthday is also available at online and retail outlets.

Julie Wolf

The founder and creative force behind Geniuses@Play, Julie taught elementary school for twelve years, eight of those in a kindergarten classroom. Julie left the school system to throw herself into motherhood. When her children began preschool, Julie co-founded the innovative Little Techie Tots program, a successful computer education program, tailored to help preschoolers reach developmental milestones through the use of cutting-edge technology. After five years, she was inspired to create Geniuses@Play, to allow her to share her ideas, techniques and concepts on a nationwide scale. Geniuses@Play brings out the genius in every child by getting back to basics through a play-based learning curriculum.

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