Mustache Dash

Has Your Mustache Ever Wanted to See The World?

Read and see how Claus, an adventure-seeking mustache, jumps free from his owner Raymond’s face in search of a grand adventure! Claus runs through the city as fast as his little bristles can take him and finds new friends at the beauty shop, park, a pizza place, on horses and motorcycles, and truly lets the wind wiggle his whiskers.  Her other books include: When a Beard Gets Weird: A Tale of Beards Pre-sheared! and Tonya Lasagna also available on Amazon.

Kelley E. Park

Kelley's dad had a mustache and beard and has for as long as she has known him. This book is for anyone that seeks adventure and I hope that adults will read this to their children and family members. Kelley worked in health care training and now spends her time advising students at the University level on their class and career choices.  She loves to create accessories and decorations for the body or home.

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