Morgan Becomes A Big Sister

The Adamson Crew Family Chronicles Book 1

A New Experience Helps You GrowMorgan has been an only child for four years. She is going to be a big sister. Morgan thinks this changes everything in the house. Morgan has to learn to adjust. With a little help, she learns about becoming a big sister and all the positive things that come with it. Book 2 The First Day of School Jitters, Book 3 The Twins Fun Doctor Visit, Book 4 Making The Big Move and Book 5 The Adamson Crew Coloring & Activity Book are also available.

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Alicia Adamson

A devoted wife and mother of three beautiful children, Alicia understands that juggling parenthood, career and marriage can sometimes become overwhelming. No one said that you had to do this thing called life on your own, and that’s why she takes her family along for the ride. In The Adamson Crew Family Chronicles, you will see that you are not alone and there are many lessons to teach and learn and many adventures to embark on. So, pack up your family, strap on your seatbelt, and come along for the ride with The Adamson Crew! It’s going to be a fun one!!

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