J Stephen Sadler’s Quest For The Best Book 1

This is Book 1 in the Adventures of J Stephen Sadler and his family recipe. J Stephen Sadler’s Quest For The Best: The story of an unlikely chef who built an improbable empire from a lost family recipe explores how chance encounters can change your life if you are paying attention. He also shares how he overcame numerous challenges while building a brand based on the smallest detail to champion his unique family jewel – a crumb cake. This book takes you on a magical journey to see how he went from scratch to triumph one cake at a time. Foodies and non-foodies alike, will celebrate as they share in the adventure of one family’s artesian recipe that took on a life far beyond its humble roots.  Book 2 J Stephen Sadler's Quest For The Best: Bringing Fine Dining to Small Town America and his Happy Veggies Healthy Eating Series for children is also available on multiple online and retail outlets.


J Stephen Sadler

J Stephen Sadler is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, chef and restauranteur who shares his experiences of traveling the world to find unique dishes during his Quest For The Best. He also brings us his unique understanding of crafting healthy eating in new and exciting ways for children with his Happy Garden Series of books and merchandise.

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