Follow Your Heart For Life…Be Happy: 8 Steps for Women of Faith to EXCEL at Sales, Leadership, & Personal Growth

A Career in Sales Can Be the Adventure of a Lifetime

This book is about encouragement and guidance to go farther in your career than you think is possible. It will save enormous amounts of money and time by shortening your learning curve. You can choose ideas that resonate with you and make them better by giving them your slant. You can do this!  Mary Ellen also is the author of Happy as 2 Pigs in a Blanket: Lessons Learned From 50 Years of Marriage.

Mary Ellen Hastings

While being a stay-at-home mom, Mary Ellen found a way into entrepreneurship that enabled her to maintain her values of God, marriage, and family first. Her direct sales career allowed Mary Ellen and her family to travel to many exotic locations where they have enjoyed SCUBA diving, skiing, and other exciting adventures together. 

Mary Ellen successfully built and led two multi-million dollar teams in the direct selling industry. She is highly skilled at recruiting, sales, team building, and leadership development. This talented mentor strongly believes in the necessity of personal growth as one climbs the ladder of success, and she makes that a part of what she shares with others. 

Mary Ellen is very proud of her two entrepreneurial sons and her favorite thing is spending time with her beautiful grand daughter. 

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