Flight Team Chapter 1

Flight Team Chapter 1 is a fantasy/ steampunk themed superhero adventure. This dark, bloody adventure is littered with emotion and graphic symbolic imagery. Join Marcos, Jewel, Klaus, and Demetri, as they defend the world of Atlas Park from demonic invasion. The Quartet has been fighting off the foe for millenia, but when the champion of the dark forces is resurrected, is the combined strength of the Flight Team enough to take him down? The team has to fight off internal strife, stronger enemies, and a myriad of obstacles. Grabbing influence from bible stories, modern day theology, cultural division, and historical ancient conflict, the world of Atlas Park seems satisfyingly familiar, yet refreshingly new.  He will be releasing a Japanese version of Flight Team Chapter 1 this Summer.


Nicholas Garcia

Nick and his wife Angela work and share Christian values and music with youth in New Jersey.  Their mission is to engage youth in making good decisions learning about Jesus Christ and following him as their Savior in their daily life.

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