Ensnared by Evil: The Snare of the Fowler

Confronted by family heritage and new thoughts can a young woman find truth and destiny?

Instilled from childhood by her grandmother’s unrelenting dedication to the god, Apollo, at thirteen Daphne is at last eligible to join her family’s ancient tradition and become a member of their deity’s most esteemed temple there in Delphi, Greece. The spring festival of fifty A.D. is almost upon them, but can she quiet the ominous reprovals that niggle her conscious to accept and carry on the matriarch’s legacy? Plagued with doubts about the revered god, Daphne struggles against family loyalty and cultural practices.  Follow Daphne’s quest for truth from pampered daughter to an arduous destiny only God could envision. The next two books in the series: Book 2 Whom The Son Sets Free is also available and Book 3 Free Indeed debuts in Fall 2023.


Carol S. Lacey

I have been writing for thirty years and was published in many Christian magazines, my local paper, and others. Several years ago, on one of my frequent prayer-walks, I was fervently seeking God to know if writing was the best use of His time for me. I looked up and a few houses away I saw a sign in a yard that read “Resume Writing.” My heart leapt. I didn’t need any “Resumé Writing,” but rejoiced all the way home that God stamped His approval on the desire of my heart. The plight of the slave girl who mocked the apostle Paul in Acts sixteen had bubbled in me for years, so I started writing her story.

I live and grew up in southwest Michigan where our beautiful lakes and northern forests draw me every summer. For years, my husband and I were avid golfers and traveled each spring to the Carolinas and Florida during the winter when snow covered courses here. This led to my one claim to fame, when years ago I became the second woman in the world to have two holes-in-one in one eighteen-hole round. That resulted in a lot of fun and a hoopla of local and a world-wide media attention.

After years of longing for what was missing in my life, at thirty-five, this diligent “church member” became a Christian. As God opened my heart to His life-giving message, I developed a deep hunger for more of Him and a passion for His word. That led to developing Bible Studies for women where we opened with the delight of singing God’s praises and the ministry of prayer, then dug into the word to encourage trusting in the promises of Jesus. 

I love to read, walk, and spend time with my three children and many grandchildren. 

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