El Mirador: Spanish Seduction Series

Spanish Seduction Series Book 1

With a top-notch education and first-class looks, Zara Flynn is an ambitious young architect and the daughter of construction mega-corporation owner Tristan Flynn and his Spanish-born wife. When Tristan is killed in a job site disaster, Zara arrives in Spain to take over the reins of Flynn Enterprises and the problem of El Mirador, a questionable piece of property on the Costa del Sol.

El Mirador stands derelict on a deserted stretch of Spanish coastline, a burned-out, abandoned luxury hotel that Flynn has bequeathed to his stunning and savvy daughter. Romance and intrigue are the farthest things from Zara's mind, but inherits both when other interested parties scheme to steal her legacy and a gorgeous but eccentric Latin pop star tries to seduce her.  Befriended by a quirky English couple vacationing on the Sun Coast, and thrown together with handsome and witty engineer David Parker, she determines to discover the secrets of El Mirador as well as the circumstances of Tristan's death.  Book 2 El Precio: The Price of Passion continues Zara's story and Book 3 Incendio: The Flames of Passion shares the story of her parents Marlena and Tristan.


Jean Maxwell / Jan Robinson

Jean Maxwell writes contemporary romance novels and is a true artist at heart. She believes she came out of the womb with a pencil in hand and began drawing at a very early age. A graduate of both the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Engineering Design and MacEwan University's Design Arts program, she switched from draftsman to graphic artist in her early career. But the muses would not keep silent, and eventually coerced her to write her first romantic suspense novel, El Mirador.

Jean went on to write its sequel, El Precio, followed by the anthology short story The Last Hallow's Eve, and Indecent Proposal, the first installment in her 'Workplace Gone Wild' series. Another anthology short,The Terminatrix, was released in June of 2014, followed by her first indie publication that same year (available in ebook and print), The Witch Doctor. A prolific and sought-after ghostwriter, her latest original work Winter Symphony was released in January 2018. 

Jean lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and works as a freelance designer, content writer and guest speaker. She teaches continuing education classes in personal computer sofware and plays clarinet with the Edmonton Winds and the Edmonton Metropolitan Orchestra.

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