Bubba Broccoli: Being Different Is Special!

Bubba Broccoli is about a little broccoli that grows up to have different colored leaves than all the other broccoli. Bubba is sad that the other broccoli make fun of him because he’s different until one day, he finds that being different makes him special.

J Stephen's Garden - Happy Veggies children’s series of storybooks, coloring books and ebooks places its readers in the world of Farmer Bob and his family's encounters with the Veggies on their farm. Each of his storybooks features a delightful learning story of an individual veggie character who faces many of the challenges children face as they grow up. From being too short, the wrong color, different looking or simply too sad, each story teaches the reader that everyone is special in their own way. In addition, each book also includes a child-friendly recipe specifically made by the chef that the children can help make with their family. Readers will immediately identify with the challenges faced by Colinda Cauliflower, Bubba Broccoli, Chuckie Carrot, Eddie Eggplant, Sammy Spinach, Tanya Tomato and Paulina Potato as they overcome their challenges, and find their special place in the world.  All can be found at Amazon and other online and retail outlets or at the authors website.  


J Stephen Sadler

As an author, speaker, chef, restauranteur, epicurean travel host, and motivational speaker, J Stephen Sadler has a wide scope of experience in multiple fields.  His speaking engagements are as varied as his books. Although he is a sought after speaker on the corporate circuit for his motivational DISCovery seminars, Sadler does not limit his speaking engagements to the corporate world. His “I Can Eat That!” children's healthy eating presentations are a popular event at schools across the country and his “The Right Ingredient Can Make a World of a Difference” presentations are extremely popular at clubs and organizations.

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