Did you ever have a lovey?Baby Bear Comes Back is a delightful and timeless story of a boy and baby bear. They go on many adventures together but then boy grows up and Baby

This book tells the rarely and untold stories of African American Historical Western Legends who contributed to the settling of the American Wild West. These ordinary individuals because of their choices and actions lived

Your Permission to Heal through Your Own Telling When Sara’s panic attacks rose to the level of possibly endangering herself and her daughter, she embarked upon a journey that began revealing horrific suppressed memories

This self-care guide will walk you through the steps of how to take a bath to show yourself some love and care. Everyone thinks they know how to take a bath but this is

Cleo Hearn, Mr. Black Rodeo is a living legend. He joined the PRCA in 1959, was one of the first eight African Americans to serve in the Presidential Honor Guard under President John F.

Flight Team Chapter 1 is a fantasy/ steampunk themed superhero adventure. This dark, bloody adventure is littered with emotion and graphic symbolic imagery. Join Marcos, Jewel, Klaus, and Demetri, as they defend the world

Growing up and living in conflict with the social mores and standards of the Mississippi Delta, school teacher Bern Gresham must find solutions for a wide array of formidable complications as he battles against

Confronted by family heritage and new thoughts can a young woman find truth and destiny? Instilled from childhood by her grandmother’s unrelenting dedication to the god, Apollo, at thirteen Daphne is at last eligible

This is the first-hand account of loving and living with Alzheimer’s. It shares the shock, disbelief, anger, pain, joy, humor, grief and finally letting go. It is the story of trusting in God and

Colinda Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes Book 1 Happy Veggies Healthy Eating Series Colinda Cauliflower is about a strange little cauliflower that every night sneaks into the kitchen on a mission to convince Farmer Bob, his