Because No One Asked: Healing Through Telling

Your Permission to Heal through Your Own Telling

When Sara’s panic attacks rose to the level of possibly endangering herself and her daughter, she embarked upon a journey that began revealing horrific suppressed memories and truths about her past that brought a reckoning to her entire existence. Because No One Asked: Healing Through Telling is a true story of Sara’s life told through her eyes as a child, young adult, and the courageous woman she became.

In her telling, Sara shares the depths of her soul, unabashed by potential judgements and societal constraints. Avoiding the trappings of half-truths, she shares dramatic details that many who have suffered childhood trauma fear to tell. She invites you to engage in your own healing journey by showing you how you may find your safe path to living a more joyous life. Because No One Asked: Healing Through Telling will help you understand why you cannot begin to heal your unique emotional wounds without first telling your own story.

Sara also has a Companion Journal Because No One Asked: Healing Through Telling available at Amazon and other retail outlets.

Sara Sewell

Amongst many occupational endeavors, I've had the opportunity of roles as high school English teacher and college composition instructor. But I've found my greatest joy from my roles as mother to my wonderful daughter and life partner to my loving husband. Whether I am enjoying good conversations with these two or with other great people in my life, I continue to be enriched each time I share and learn with others.

Gazing at turquoise water while sitting on a sugar white sand beach is my happy place, but experiencing life through travel, biking, walking, gardening, meditation and belly laughing comedies are also things that help me smile and appreciate why we all exist.

I am, as we all are, here to joyously learn through giving, receiving, and allowing with and through LOVE in the broadest sense of the word. And, yes, to smile, laugh and cry through it all. 

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