Baby Bear Comes Back

Did you ever have a lovey?

Baby Bear Comes Back is a delightful and timeless story of a boy and baby bear. They go on many adventures together but then boy grows up and Baby Bear gets put in a box. But lo and hold, life and love continue and Baby Bear Comes Back. Find out why Baby Bear Comes Back. Learn who he finds to love and goes on new adventures with in this next phase of his journey. The author has found that when life changes no matter the circumstances, a child having “a bear” can be a great comfort.

Merrie Spaeth

Merrie Spaeth is an author and story teller.  Merrie entered the wonderful world of children’s literature with the heart warming story of a bear, the kind of “lovey” that every child has, who is owned first by a little boy and then gets put into a box as the boy grows up. What happens next is every bear’s – and child’s – fear and hope. Baby Bear Comes Back is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram and other online and retail outlets.

Merrie brings her decades of writing experience for a wide variety of publications to create stories that inspire children to read and enlist parents, grandparents and others to read with them.

Merrie is also the author of three non-fiction books about communication.  She lives in Dallas with her children and grandchildren and is grateful that half a century has fallen off her years as she continues to tell stories.  She is currently creating her next book series. 

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