Author Adventure: 5 Steps to Success

Whether Publishing for Leverage or Legacy ... Now is a Great Time to Share Your Message With The World!

More than 85% of people when asked about their dreams or bucket list, say they want to write a book. However, fear and lack of knowledge keeps them paralyzed or stuck.  This book Author Adventure: 5 Secrets to Success ... The Art and Business of Publishing is a Guide to help you plan your own author adventure, make the process easier, show you how to have fun on the journey, and move you into the 5-10% of authors who actually successfully navigate, generate revenue and live the Author Adventure.

Elizabeth “Liz” Lawless  

Liz is a book catalyst. She makes things happen. Her mission is to assist creatives in branding for business leverage or personal legacy through publishing partnership. She believes everyone should be creative every day. Liz began self-publishing in 1992 and started developing authors in 2012. She is the author of 15 books, has 113 straight #1 Amazon Best-Sellers for clients with 5 of them her own.  She is the host of Wild West Diversity and co-host of Author Adventure weekly Livestreams. 

Russ Johns 

Russ is a video marketing and technology leader.  He plans, develops and helps clients stay focused and execute at the highest levels. He brings a rare combination of technical genius and creative muse to every project and endeavor. Russ believes that everyone has something valuable to share with the world, and he enjoys helping more people help more people by finding their voice and share their message. He is the host of The Pirate Broadcast, Love My Dubb and co-host of Author Adventure Livestreams.

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