African American Western Legends: Yesterday

This book tells the rarely and untold stories of African American Historical Western Legends who contributed to the settling of the American Wild West. These ordinary individuals because of their choices and actions lived extraordinary lives during difficult times. They were trappers, midwives, horse trainers, Buffalo Soldiers, cowboys, cowgirls, musicians and more. Great role models for children (and adults) today. We know you will learn about individuals and history you may have never heard before. We hope you will share these multicultural stories with others and watch the interviews with Living Legends on our Wild West Diversity YouTube Channel. Look for Book 2 African American Western Legends: Today debuting Fall 2023.

Elizabeth Ann Lawless

Liz is the author of 15 books, host of Wild West Diversity Livestream/Podcast, and the publicist for Cowboys of Color Rodeos, the largest multicultural rodeo in the world and after 30 years had acquired numerous stories about Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Asians, Europeans, and Women and their contributions to the settling of the American West. Her book Western Legends: Yesterday & Today...African Americans 1798 to 2009 was written based on her preK-12 school seminar "Multicultural Contributions to Texas and American History" and Rodeo experiences. She leads a team of Western Living History presenters Black Cowboys/Cowgirls, Buffalo Soldiers, Pioneer Women and more. In addition, Liz is the publisher and editor of an online Western Lifestyle eMagazine Wild West Diversity Today

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