ADHD Strategic Parenting: From Tactical to Practical

5 Critical Steps to Raising Your ADHD Child with Less Fear and Frustration Parenting is a challenging responsibility. If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, parenting becomes even more complicated. These children think differently and have issues with emotional control. They see and react to the world in unique ways. They are incredibly creative and funny. They think about things in more detail and in a different context. However, they don’t seem to see the obvious, particularly time or the consequences of their own behavior. Parenting these children is a constant attempt to maintain control. It is frequently frustrating and discouraging, however, it is not hopeless. With the 5 step process shared in this book it can also be incredibly rewarding...with a lot less chaos.

Terry James Gingras, Ph.D.

As a clinical psychologist who thought he knew a fair amount about parenting, Dr. Terry Gingras had much to learn from his ADHD child. He was an adult psychologist. He did not treat children. As a result, he didn’t know how to help his own son, but he learned. He went from knowing little about ADHD to diagnosing and treating it as a major part of his practice.  

After 30 years of experience raising his own ADHD child successfully and working with hundreds of ADHD children and their families, Dr. Gingras has created an effective 5 step plan to raising a productive and happy ADHD adult while enjoying the process much more along the way.

This is the first book in a series of books that will help parents of ADHD children to raise not only a happier child but a more responsible adult.

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