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If YOU ARE ONE of the 85% of people who say their DREAM is to write a Best-Selling Book then you are in the right place.

We’re talking about SECRETS related to Writing, Publishing, Launching, Marketing and Distributing a best-selling book.

Author Adventure and The Art & Biz of Publishing is where we regularly share about the FIVE SECRETS that successful authors know that potential authors (or even published authors) – need to know. 

  • Clarity About Your Audience and What They Want
  • Design YOUR PLAN for Quicker Publishing Success
  • Understand How Technology Can Accelerate Results
  • Learn key Marketing Strategies to Support Your Success
  • Become an Amazon Best-Selling Author in Less Time Than You Think
  • Create a Writing Process that Saves You Time & Gets the Project Done

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We have created a SAFE CREATIVE SPACE for you to share your publishing DREAM, but we will also tell you the real truth about Publishing, not just what you would like to hear.

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With over 80 years of publishing, marketing and technology experience combined Liz and Russ have the talent and technology to guide your success.

Liz has 114 Straight 
#1 Amazon Best-Sellers for clients

Let's help you in your success story. 


Whether you are writing children’s books, non-fiction or fiction you have to learn the publishing process.

As Liz always says, “There are a lot of moving parts to book publishing.”

We also call it the Art and Biz of Publishing because writing is a profession and career just like any other career even if some people only do it part-time.

Sharon Allen

-Romance & Children's Author-

"Liz Lawless has been my publisher for several years. She has always helped me with my writing and publishing and being a good friend at the same time. She’s very knowledgeable of the writing and what it takes to get a good book published. I would never hesitate to recommend Liz."

marcia Reece

Staywell copper

Seldom do we get the chance to work with a real hero!! Russ is an excellent leader, team member and manager. He is constantly driving business development into realistic applications for the marketplace that can continually be repeated to ensure customer satisfaction and profitable business decisions. Russ knows how to convert our problems into solutions we can commercialize. 

Joyce Wiles


Being a new author, I had no idea which way to go once I had my thoughts down on paper.  Liz Lawless has directed me and held my hand all the way through the publishing and marketing process of my books, always making herself available for my questions and concerns.”

Scott Woodworth

sales & podcasting

I can't recommend Russ highly enough. I knew nothing about starting a podcast and am not a technical person! I watched his free video series on his website about Live Streaming to start and then connected. Russ is extremely knowledgeable with a background in broadcasting and probably, more important, he is patient and kind guiding me through the process.

Meet The Team

Hosts & Best-Selling Authors

Liz Lawless

112 Straight #1 Amazon Best-Sellers for Clients

5 x #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

Publisher 114 Straight #1 Amazon Best-Sellers for Clients

 Liz began her publishing career in her parents Christian bookstore when she was 11 years old. After majoring in Journalism and Speech from Stephen F. Austin State University and getting her Master's in Liberal Arts at Southern Methodist University, she wrote her first children’s book and today has 15 books with more in the works. She has 100,000 hours of mastery in Writing, Publishing, Launching, Marketing and Distribution of Children’s, Non-Fiction and Fiction books. Self-publishing since 1992, she began helping others publish in 2012 and today focuses on helping entrepreneurs expand their reach, respect and revenue through publishing leverage or legacy. She also hosts and produces: 2 eNewsletters, 2 Livestreams, and 3 Podcasts.

Russ Johns

Produced over 1000 Livestreams and Amazon Influencer

#1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author

Founder The Pirate Syndicate

Producer of over 1000 Livestreams

Russ believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to Be SEEN and HEARD. And that Everyone has a gift, a mission and value...Sometimes we need help in creating our message with Words, Images, Audio & Video. Let’s face it. It's not always easy. It feels like 10,000 details and technology can be daunting. If you want to produce Content, Publish Media, and Expand Your Brand. Russ will help YOU create an Online Impact without the technical overwhelm. SHOW UP, GO LIVE, BUILD AUTHORITY!
If you need a Content Creation Strategy, reach out. 


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IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE TOP 5-10% of Authors who sell more than 500-1,000 books in your lifetime then you will want to invest in mentors to help you get to that higher level.

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Bring us your manuscript or (rough draft) and we'll work with you 

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BRONZE package

  • Paperback
  • eBook
  • Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Layout
  • Publishing
  • Amazon Author Page Setup
  • Launching
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Access To All Events
  • International Resources



GOLD package

  • Paperback
  • eBook
  • Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Layout
  • Publishing
  • Amazon Author Page Setup
  • Launching
  • Publishing Collateral Design 
  • Social Media Graphics
  • 3-1 Minute Launch Videos
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Access To All Events
  • International Resources
  • Podcast/Livestream Show
  • Podcast Media 1-Sheet
  • 5 Podcast Interviews
  • Promotional Media Kit
  • 5 Traditional Radio/TV Interviews

Simple and Easy.


We have created a SAFE CREATIVE SPACE for you to share your publishing DREAM, but we will also tell you the real truth about Publishing, not just what you would like to hear.